Pray for Afghanistan

Allen Johnsey
3 min readAug 18, 2021

Forget your prideful politics for a bit, and just pray.

Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

People are hurting. People are dying.

And we want to argue about who’s at fault. Should President Biden have pulled the troops out? Is it President Trump’s fault because it was his plan and promise to pull them out? Should President Obama have already done it? Why did President Bush even start the war?

Please stop!

None of that matters right now and no one on social media is going to be able to do anything to affect our nation’s foreign policy. All we’re doing is wasting our time. The reality is that the Afghan government is falling and the Taliban is taking over the country.

This is reality.

For all the people on the ground, this is reality. The politics and the blame game do not matter.

The church in Afghanistan, which was one of the fastest growing in the world, has now been put on notice. Letters have been received that the Taliban knows where they are and are coming. There will be many Christian martyrs in the coming days.


Historical Normative Christianity.

I don’t say that to downplay the situation, but to put it in some perspective. American Christianity (which arguably shouldn’t even be a phrase, but that’s for another time) is not the norm for the church throughout history. Freedom of religion is not the norm (again, our freedom of religion could be argued, but no one will be getting their heads cut off in America for being a Christian today). The American Church is so spoiled that it actually thinks being asked to wear a mask to church is persecution. The Afghan church is so committed that they will faithfully go to death for their King Jesus.

In history, this real persecution has actually been the catalyst that has caused the most growth. Real growth. True discipleship.

So, pray for the church, but not just the church.

Pray for everyone there. The nation is in turmoil. Folks are literally losing their lives trying to escape what they know is coming.

Pray for the children. Pray for the women.

Allen Johnsey

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